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  REAL ESTATE PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT   (SHORT SALE)               THIS REAL ESTATE PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is hereby entered into by and between ________________________________________ (“Seller”) and Small Family Homes, LLC, an Arizona limite...
  I hardly ever use generic documents as an investor and real estate agent I want to be protected from lawsuits and lack of disclosure. It is expensive having lawyers drawing up every document, however it's critical to have documents to protect you.  It's not only critical you have documents to p...
  Realtors who do short sales, please be aware of your New Short Sale Approval Letter.   We have just been alerted to the fact that Countrywide has a new form of short sale approval letter, in which it now attempts to retain the right to invalidate a transaction for events which may have occurred...
Litton Loan, Foreclosure Sale Alert. Just wanted to alert everyone that there is a company called First American REO Servicing that claimed and sent notice to the homeowner that they are currently evicting a client (sent a eviction notice). I just so happened to receive an approval on this short ...
This is an actual letter from a small business written to his employees.  I am sure many of us who own real estate companies, mortgage companies and have put in many hours, can relate.  One of the best letters I have ever seen, I sent out to all of my employees.  To All My Valued Employees, There...
I just hung up with Chase (subprime), and due to the new Affordability Loan Modification Program just released, Chase has placed a hold on all loan modification requests.  This hold can be as long as next week.  The reason for this is, they are updating their policy procedures because they are st...
The Foreclosure Business has always been business, and yes I know this is America, but where is the ethics.  I work with distressed homeowners, and have recently begin placing those homeowners in rentals once the homeowner short sale there property or unfortunately loose there property to foreclo...
Recently I purchased a vanity number 1-800-Sell-Now.  Vanity numbers in the past worked really well!  In my opinion things have changed!  No I am not talking about Obama Bailout Plan, or having A Black President, I am talking about using Vanity Numbers for marketing! Real Estate In Phoenix, has a...
   A Company That Process Loan Modifications   No more stress, finally a true Loan Modification Processing Company can get your customers great loan modifications, as we work with all lenders.  We do not only handle your loan modifications, we also can provide your clients unmatched customer serv...
  My name is Jamar James a realtor who specializes in working with homeowners in foreclosure. With the amount of foreclosures in Arizona, I have a confession.  Some realtors can't afford to help the homeowners avoid foreclosures.  I have been hired by many homeowners to list their homes and condu...

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