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Jamar James, Real Estate Expert and Digital Currency Investment Pro.
Failure To Launch When I was young I thought the rich and wealthy were selfish, lucky, smarter or at times even unethical.  Theose greedy bastards, I would think. I thought you had to burn people to get ahead and I was not willing to do that.  I did not want to have to burn people to get ahead.As...
Bitcoin Price Today $6900.. (Timestamp this post)Bitcoin and real estate investments show that there is Global Demand for both real estate and digital currency in the 4th quarter of 2017.  Global Demand For BitCoin is a reality that forward thinkers are embracing.  Global demand .   Personally, I...
As a real estate agent, we often receive what appears to be random questions out of the blue.  “Do you have any BitCoin Buyers?”  or “Can I send earnest money via BitCoin?”  What we must acknowledge, these are not “random” questions.    In 2017, many marketers have failed to realize we are in a n...
Homeowners, Fellow Realtors, and Those Strange People With Mothers I will keep this blog short and quick. I just wanted to share a funny story with you. When I was 18, I wrote my mother a check on Mother’s day for 100K dollars.. She looked at the check, and asked me, if I was trying to put her in...
My name is Jamar James, I am a Realtor in Orange County, I specialize in working with HAPPY home owners. When it comes to marketing, I have a Computer Science and Marketing Degree, I am very technology oriented.  I use Mobile Voice Recordings such as Pro-Quest Technologies to capture home buyer c...
Catchy title? Maybe not, I am not stating to run out and get some negative reviews, but what I am trying to convey, is how you can turn “Others” negative reviews into your marketing advantage!!  Fact number 1, negative reviews are more detrimental to business, than positive reviews are beneficial...
I would like to offer free coaching to a few new realtors for 30 days.  I am looking for realtors, that are not closing atleast two deals a month and have about two hours a day to implement some "marketing" tactics.  I was a sucessfull realtor that had sold a real estate company and foreclosure c...
During my real estate career I have pretty much outsourced every aspect of my business.  For experienced realtors, outsourcing is the way to go. The only part of my business I didn't really outsource was creating relationships with the title company and other affiliate business'es.  Other then th...
There are a variety of different ways to make money in the real estate business.  To my real estate agents out there, I had a very specific method for performing lease modifications and invested countless hours in perfecting the methods to get current Landowners to re adjust business owners curre...
First let me mention, I am no LONGER a ACTIVE REALTOR.  I could NOT hack it as a Realtor, and I will be the first to admit it!  I did very well as a Real Estate Agent and got burnt out with the REAL ESTATE business. I average 6 closings a month..  I realized the more leads I generated the busier ...

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