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Vancouver, WA home buyers can save money. It is a SHAME to make a borrower pay for a re-inspection of their home just because a CO alarm has not been installed.  Safety is a key component of an appraisal.   Carbon Monoxide Alarms & the Law in Washington State posted by the City of Vancouver gives...
Wordless Wednesday:  Thank you for your service    
Reverse Mortgage Seminar at Shadle Library, Spokane WA November 15th    Are you interested in learning how to make your retirement dollars go farther?  No longer is a Reverse Mortgage considered a loan to save desperate retirees. It is a financial strategy.   Learn more from Spokane's Reverse Mor...
Reverse Mortgage & Required Counseling Counseling, in person or over the phone, is a mandatory step for reverse mortgage applicants. The purpose of third party counseling is for consumer protection as well as to provide additional information and to answer questions.  Counseling may be scheduled ...
Reverse Mortgage in Clark County or anywhere in Washington.   Information regarding Reverse Mortgages is easy to find on the internet but learning about your own situation is probably what you are really looking for. Contacting a Reverse Mortgage Specialist who will provide you with a no-cost and...
Reverse Mortgage Purchase in Spokane County ....................... A strategy for home buyers 62 or older   If cash is king it is wise to leave your liquid assets untouched when you purchase your next or your last home.  A reverse mortgage on a new home is a financial strategy worth taking a ver...
Reverse Mortgage Purchase in King County ....................... A strategy for home buyers 62 or older You have probably heard that cash is king so leave your assets untouched when you purchase your next home.  A reverse mortgage on a new home is a financial strategy worth taking a very serious ...
Reverse Mortgage & Certificate of Occupancy On the anniversary of your reverse mortgage close date, you will receive a letter from your lender which must be signed and returned.   The "Annual Occupancy Certificate" is very, very important to your Lender and the FHA  They want to know that you are...
Wordless Wednesday:  The harvest.     This summer's weather was perfect for gardening in Eastern Washington.  We are now enjoying the fruits of our labors. Beef Master tomato plants ordered from our local Northwest Seed & Pet Store is where all of this began.    
Art Walks - Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Long Beach    Art Walks have become a great reason for unplugging one’s self from all things electronic and strolling, shopping and experiencing art at your own pace and best of all.... it’s FREE!  Artists, art lovers and galleries in cities and tow...

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