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Emerald Coast of Florida real estate and personal insights.
You see them advertised everywhere in the Destin Florida real estate market– “Coming Soon! New Listing!” But, what does that mean, exactly? The Emerald Coast Association of Realtors is guided by rules regarding entering listings into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). “Coming Soon” is a special ...
What are terms and conditions of a real estate sale, and why are they important to know? When a listing “closes” in the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors MLS in Florida, a field is required where an agent enters “sales notes”. The requirement is as follows:“Listings changed to a Closed status...
Do you want that house? You can bet others do, too. Chances are that when you make an offer on a Destin, Emerald Coast of Florida, house or condo, there will be at least one competitor trying to outbid you. If you had your agent ask the right questions first, you could only hope that the seller w...
So, I have a Zen page-a-day calendar that I am trying this year. It gives me something to ponder and maybe a way to grow.  Some of the Zen quotes are long, and I am too impatient to study them.  Sometimes I cheat and look ahead. And some quotes stick with me.  Those are the ones that make it up t...
Being a Food Network addict, I got excited watching the “Kitchen” where celebrity chef Jet Tila was demonstrating his easy stir fry recipe.  It looked incredible, so I gave it a try, and also bought his book “101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die”. Now, we end up making a couple of mea...
First, we received a homeowners insurance cancellation notice for our Niceville Florida investment property.  Their mobile inspection had shown that there was some wood rot on the side of the house.  Although common in Florida, they said if it was not fixed within 30 days, they were going to canc...
I met a fellow real estate agent the other day in Destin, Florida. “Joe” was the listing agent for a waterfront condo in the same building where I had a listing.  I contacted him to get information about his offering, as I wanted to keep on top of the market.  Joe said he would meet me the next d...
I’ve been learning to cook for 18 years. Ever since I gave my husband, new boyfriend at the time, the years-frozen shrimp appetizer. After he bit into it, the look on his face was frozen. I had some learning to do. Fast forward 18 years. I am still learning to cook, but sometimes my dishes come ...
I was shopping in the greeting card aisle of the Destin Walgreens the other day.  It was mid-day, and I was in my work hurry, looking for a Father’s Day card. There was a motorized cart in the middle of the aisle, left strangely abandoned. There was also an older woman with a regular shopping car...
Glass shower door rubs frame. Recommend repair.Sliding door needs adjustment.Cracked outlet cover in living room. Recommend licensed electrician repair.Sink drain assembly is loose. No leaks observed. Recommend review and repair by licensed plumber.Suspect MICROBIO GROWTH! Observed at air conditi...

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