Interest rates has been historically low. Pay attention! if you go back to about November of 2008 till now you will notice that interest rates been pretty stable. There is talk about them staying low for the remaining spring and summer. The Fed is controlling this situation because they are tryin...
 The news today: Home sales are up as of February 2009 mostly in California and Nevada. But they say that the majority of sales are foreclosed and short sales homes. Inventory is available for nine months of shopping.However this is not an indication of home prices to go up as of yet. Due to unem...
 Thinking of buying or selling in toady's market? wonder what you home is worth in todays market? As a full time licensed professional Realtor I believe in providing information to the consumer. Please click on this link  and get your FRE...
Before Christmas last year I received a phone call from a potential first time Home buyer. I always ask customers how did they find me because it helps me understand what marketing is working for me. He said that his wife found me in the Staten Island Properties book. I took them them out a few t...
I am working with a homeowner who's getting divorced. Here's my dilemma. Based on the market value there is no doubt in my mind that we can sell this house to cover the mortgage balance. But what about the commission and what about the closing costs? Will a bank consider a short sale in this situ...
When I started in the Real Estate business one of the first things my manager said to me was " Irena, always present your offers to the homeowner" this is the way I was trained and this is how I always done it. Well, I recieved an offer from an OB agent on one of my listings via the fax 3 days ag...
Well here it is. SInce day one in the Real Estate business business I always believed that attending office meetings is very important. You get to hear everything that is going on, new rules, news and the latest in technology. You probably don't get to learn something new every time ther is a mee...
A new law came in to place recently that states that you must install a sprinkler system on any renovation job if the street the property is located on is 38 feet wide or more. I was wondering if anyone here on Staten Island knows more about. Any information will be greataly appreciated.
                  Your Invited to my open house this coming Saturday March, 14th 2009 between the hours of 1:00-03:00 P.M. to see this elegant home with many extras you'll be proud to call home.   Elegant 4 bedroom, one family detached colonial. Formal living room with wood burning fireplace, for...
Today is March 8th. What does it mean? and why is it a special day?Back in the days when Soviet Union existed March 8th was a special day. It was a celebration a holiday. Everyone was excited because it was a day of the woman. She was treated especially nice and she would receive flowers and gift...

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