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So the long awaited Baucus Bill is out there. Spineless bit of 'trying to appease' the repubs, find common ground and all that garbage.I find it offensive that the bill expects to FINE people for not puchasing health insurance, but the only option for us to have insurance is to hand our money to ...
Here is a noteworthy excerpt from the constitution we helped enact: "Article 30: First: The State shall guarantee to the individual and the family - especially children and women - social and health security, the basic requirements for living a free and decent life, and shall secure for them suit...
"If you don't do your homework, the nails will go an inch deeper into the flesh of Jesus Christ", - such was the opening line of my first philosophy lecture in college.  Frank Ferrell was supposed to become a preacher or a minister, and was, as he put it, indoctrinated his entire childhood.  When...
Stupidity is a sin.  Yep, I firmly believe that in a Democracy, stupidity is dangerous, and the one thing that our brilliant forefathers did not foresee to the fullest extent. I am not a member of MENSA, and only hold a lowly BA, so please, spare me the elitist labels.  But I do my OWN research. ...
As someone who takes the practice of journalism and responsibilities that go with having an audience seriously, I despise Glenn Beck.  He spews hatred for ratings, riles up the base, and has no problem misleading those who tune in.  Never mind that I am on a somewhat different side of the politic...
They Will Kill Your Grandma and Make Your Toddler Read Karl Marx!!! Yep, you heard me right.  I've been paying attention to screaming old dudes and ladies telling the government to "keep their hands off of my Medicare", I watched esteemed Sarah Palin talk about how her down syndrome baby and gran...
(a preface, of sorts:  this is somewhat long, personal and inspired by my forgetting that some 18 years ago we landed in this country for the first time.  Jon Zolsky, my dad, posted his take on it here.  This is somewhat belated mine.) The Other Side of the Atlantic The year of my rebellion ended...
They say dogs can always find their way home, no matter what the journey entails.  It's a sixth sense; the particles of past memories, smells, sights and sounds melding into a road sign, a welcoming breeze, a longing... The orange globe of the Sun was always just ahead of my field of vision, peer...
Waking up in the morning to new comments on blogs is an awesome feeling, especially since I've been somewhat missing in action as of late, and haven't been able to blog much.  This morning I get notices from AR that 3 of my older blogs have new comments. Yippy! First cup of coffee tastes better a...
Mr. President: When you were campaigning for green jobs, cleaner air, more energy efficiency in our cars, homes and industrial and commercial buildings - we rallied behind you.  We welcomed an ideal of rebuilding our economy by once again manufacturing stuff, whether cars, homes or new technologi...

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