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See the update to this blog: Stones to Mountains:-) I was just reading a local news release, and it appears the unemployment in my home county, Flagler County, Florida is now the highest in the state, and close to the highest in the nation.  Two years ago, this was the fastest booming county in t...
 It's but a whisper that looks backTo trace its stepsTo throw the doors wide openCome what may, but it recoilsA Siamese narrows its eyesA shadow or a preyWithin its graspIt's all in jest, in playThe doors, they swing so heavyAfter many yearsOf not being used, light through the cracksThe creaky fl...
Dear Real Estate Professional. Once I sign the listing agreement with you to sell my home, and we both share a moment of this warm and fuzzy, inspired for me by the fact that I have a professional marketing my property, and for you, by the tentative promise of a few grand - let's get something st...
The stars were out in full force that night, and as the air became tinged with just a hint of winter - our noses longed for the smell of logs burning in the fireplace...  It's hard to justify having an indoor fireplace with daytime temps hovering at over 70 around Christmas but we do have a littl...
Shades of White Partly cloudy, basically drizzleThe weather is stuck in routineYet another holiday season advertisementSwoons from the screenParenthetical promise of snowIs thinly felt through the perfume of roasted nuts... They will light the lamps any minute nowThey will go homeThey will drink ...
I was going through hubby's local pix to post to localism, and found this one. It's one of my all time favorites, especially since I couldn't bring myself to climb out of bed that moring, and still regret it. This lasted for over 4 hours! Hubby is a very patient man. Yes, it's a time lapse, but f...
 My Fifteen Year-Old, who doubles as a gourmet chef when hubby and I are too busy to cook, is off to theater to do his best as the summoning gongs of a clock in Scrooge, but that's a topic for another blog. So here we are, not a stitch of munchables in the fridge other than some Lean Pockets, and...
There are over 2000 homes for sale in my area right now. Over ten percent of those are short sa les and such. Basically, too many homes and too few buyers,which I am sure sounds familiar to most of you.I was looking through the MLS last night to see what was out there and after a going through th...
Bill and Barbara Jo's post got me reminiscing for a moment, so here it is... An old memory. Again, there is no advice or anything professionally useful...In the mid 90s I was going to college in Westchester County and working in Manhattan, so my schedule was bizarre, to say the least, leaving ver...
(Caveat: There is no advice in this one; it's just well, personal...) With due regards to T.S. Elliot, of course...A friend of mine reminded me today that my birthday is coming up in a couple of days, and it had occured to me that this year has sped by me, without a whimper or a whisper... a soni...

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