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Right or wrong, but the totality of one's experiences determines, at least in part, whom we choose to associate with.  It also influences whom we are comfortable with voting in office, even if it is the highest office in the Country.  In the case of impending November elections, by all accounts I...
Georgia rushed at me almost every summer after an endless four-day journey by train, where we, kids, stuck our heads out the windows and watched the world go by and grow taller with every few hundred miles. We started in the frozen black and white flatlands of the tundra, and slowly the world spe...
It was a fair day, cloudy but not too, and I was off from work. I was still living in Manhattan with the-soon-to-become hubby, and this was my day off.  I wanted to shop, which hardly ever happens for me, so it felt oddly invigorating, fresh, weird... I remember walking into Bloomies (Bloomingdal...
For those of you who do not know me intimately - I wasn't born here.... At some point of my growning up, my parents decided to travel from Moscow to New York, with one way tickets, which is how all real traveling should be done. I had to come along, being a minor of sorts. I finished high school ...
I am always late. It almost doesn't matter what's at stake, or where I am going, chances are I will be late for it. My friends joke that I will, in fact, be late for my own funeral. The weather report called for late afternoon thunderstorms, which generally means a four in the afternoon cut off t...
If I go over 49 words in this post, I will get the 200 blogging points that I would need to pass 20,000 point milestone. I prefer not to, at this time. Instead, here is a song… Other than that, the answer to why we are here is 42.
This is in response to a blog that Simon posted where he showed his disappointment that Florida Legislature did not vote for the bill to make bestiality illegal. You can read his blog here: Anyhow, in the spirit of addressing various laws that were, are and should and shouldn't be made, I found t...
I have written a bit on how supporting the arts in your community can actually benefit your business, and thre responses have always been somewhat divided. Whether one should do it for altruistic reasons or at all are the normal points of contention. Well, for any real estate agent/firm, develope...
I didn't really plan on doing this blog in parts, it just so happened. What started off with a rant on fundraising for the arts during difficult times has since turned into a journey in its own right, - the one i would be willing to take again with all the ups and downs.For those of you who misse...
A few things that have happened since I posted on the difficulties of fundraising in these economically stressed times. (see blood out of a stone, for those who missed it).Some good, some not so good. Flagler County, my home and home to the LEGACY JAZZ fest we've been trying to fundraise for earn...

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