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In every book I read as a kid - I was the good guy or girl, I was the protagonist, I was the hero.  If a book was decent, and held my interest past the first few pages, I couldn't put it down, and in the instances where it didn't end well for the character I was playing, I couldn't sleep for days...
Some days just start out all wrong.  Yesterday was one of those days: even the first cup of coffee tasted funky, quite possibly because my taste buds were still asleep at five in the morning.  I am not an early riser, and driving out of town to a meeting at such an ungodly hour held little redemp...
After my second cup of coffee all hell broke loose; a nice lady who used to deliver our mail and who rescues cute pit mix puppies from our local humane society came knocking on our door at about noon.  She bought some poinsettias and while she was digging up little piles of sandy dirt to plant th...
This is by far the most human and eloquent post on the results of this election, the state of our nation, the heart of its people. Regardless of how you voted, read this, from one very wise man, John MacArthur.                                                             Recently, I wrote a blog i...
A purple Geo Metro pulls up next to hubby and I on our way to a local Publix for some dinner grub... The entire side panel of the car is spray painted with big white letters:  "Vote American, Vote McCain". I love the fact that so many are willing to deface their personal (and, in some instances, ...
In light of certain recent blogs and conversations going on here on AR and elsewhere with regards to various camps refusing to talk to specific reporters, with the latest incident being milked involving a Florida anchor and Joe Biden, i figured I'd contribute my  .02.  Instead of simply posting t...
Here is the full text of Ammendment #2 on Florida Ballots: "Ballot Title: FLORIDA MARRIAGE PROTECTION AMENDMENT Ballot Summary: This amendment protects marriage as the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife and provides that no other legal union that is treated as marriage ...
It is pretty nerve-wreaking for a parent to get a call where a male voice on the other end asks to speak to your eight-year-old son. That's the call I got a few days ago.  I remember going though all the possible internet things he could have accidentally signed up for, thinking the worst...  The...
If James Joyce were writing his Ulysses today, would the hero be an average Jew living an average life on the damp streets of Dublin?  Would he fantasize in secret about his wife's affairs, quietly mopping up the messes she makes all the while sniffing mutton steak and hoping the society at large...
There is certainly comfort to be derived from perception of strength from our leaders, or those who are vying for such a position.  Strength of character, strength of one's convictions, strength in the face of adversity.  All these are valid considerations, especially given our current predicamen...

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