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So here we stand, on the very edge of a cliff, looking into what appears to be an abyss... A man with a strange name has been president of the most powerful nation in the world for just over 100 days.  The Mayans thought that the end would come in 2012.  The minority party thinks it's already her...
The premise that the end justifies the means is a tricky one, philosophically speaking, as it can only be assessed in retrospect, and the victors tend to write history, or at least they used to.  Now, with our ability to access information in real time, our history as it will be written is less p...
They sat around my dining room table, eating barbeque chips by the handful, drinking Sprites and talking genetics and amoebas.  Some of them my son has known since middle school - a bunch of nerdish kids quite possibly bound for those coveted Ivy League schools in a year.  Quite possibly doing so...
Life, these last few years, has been a blur...  Days and weeks flew by leaving behind uneven tracks of a car going too fast around a serpentine curve.  The necessity of moving from New York post 9.11, forcing both, me and my husband, into the stormy seas of self-employment, left us crippled as pa...
Since I haven't seen any recaps of the last episode, i figured I might as well throw in my two cents. Don't mistake this for an 'unofficial official recap' or anything:-) From the get-go most of us knew that Shawn was most likely going to be a bad guy.  I wanted the 24 folks to find a nifty twist...
My dad did a blog recently on the dangers of borrowing from future generations, using a very sad-looking photo of his grandson, aka, my baby, Shane.  The blog in question can be found here.  Dad thinks that this stimulus package is going to rob his grandson of his financial future, or at least, t...
I grew up without a computer.  The only way to get information on any subject was from books, and thankfully, my family had thousands of tomes on all subjects spanning the walls of the apartment.  If it was a word or an event date that I was unsure about, there were the few dozen burgundy coloure...
I love to drive, I really really do.... So much so that I once drove by myself from Palm Coast, Florida to San Fran, and enjoyed every minute of it (well, I could have done without the hitch-hiker...) Now, I am spending so much time behind my keyboard that I hardly ever leave the house, save for ...
Laura Monroe tagged me for this Christmas Meme that's been going around like a mini plague.  This may not seem to necessarily follow the rules, but this is exactly what I want for Christmas.  I am tagging no one. This one dies here. Here goes: A few years ago, the Webkinz phenomena infiltrated my...
As some of you know, our company now offers full service offset printing, where orders can be placed online 24/7, files uploaded, and your nifty new shiny pieces of marketing collateral show up at your door within a week or so.  We invested quite a bit of time, money and soul into this addition t...

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