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To Denise Lones of the Lones Group Fame... For years, I had a “don’t steal from the starving artists…” line that followed each and every post of mine.  Those concerned things that weren’t terribly important, just words, and I’d gladly let anyone borrow those if asked.  When it comes to what I do ...
  Facebook, the wonder of modern day marketing, can do fabulous things for one’s business, if used properly.  It can also make one seem a total schmuck, and not necessarily because of a wall post. I generally don’t fb friend people I don’t know.  Occasionally, when busy, I slip, and accept a frie...
We've been getting slammed with calls from Phoenix area over the last month.  The reason, apparently, is our tiny logo at the bottom of Jay Thompson's site that identifies us as niftifiers of his site, or somethign to that effect.  Jay just rebuilt his site recently, and we contributed a header ...

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