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Bill and Barbara Jo's post got me reminiscing for a moment, so here it is... An old memory. Again, there is no advice or anything professionally useful...In the mid 90s I was going to college in Westchester County and working in Manhattan, so my schedule was bizarre, to say the least, leaving ver...
(Caveat: There is no advice in this one; it's just well, personal...) With due regards to T.S. Elliot, of course...A friend of mine reminded me today that my birthday is coming up in a couple of days, and it had occured to me that this year has sped by me, without a whimper or a whisper... a soni...
Vegas: sorry for stepping on your feet!Finally a full night's sleep after Vegas! It was my first time in Sin City, and what an overwhelming experience that was.  Of course, most of the time was spent at the Expo, with my client, Jennifer Allan.  In my rounds on the floor doing my bits of ‘researc...
I ran across this blog by Dan Weis: http://activerain.com/blogsview/270551/Are-Your-Print-Ad and figured it would be too long to respond in a form of a comment, hence this brief opinion (translation: you don't have to agree, but if you disagree, you can't sue me:-))Dan suggests that Print Ads no ...
First, a confession, in the interest of full disclosure: I hate shopping. I race through grocery stores at record speeds and hope that what I buy lasts at least a week to avoid extra trips. But grocery shopping is a have-to, at least for now, so I suck it up and endure.Going clothes shopping, how...
On my way home from lunch I noticed a new business sign for what appeared to be a hair salon. I was stuck at a traffic light right next to the place for a few minutes, but for the life of me could not dicipher the name.I must say that the sign was visually appealing, and obviously cost some serio...

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