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Canton Georgia Home Inspector inspects new homes and old home. We also do radon testing Alpharetta Home Inspector Atlanta Home inspector Woodstock Home Inspection pre certified home inspections certified home inspector licensed home inspector Atlanta home inspections money pit dream home blind home inspector
The request for Atlanta Home Inspections has increased due to the abundance of real estate activity in our area! The overall  affordability of homes nationwide was  higher last quarter. Atlanta didn't make the list as most affordable, but the Atlanta Home Inspector  has been busy due to historic...
 The Atlanta Home Inspector likes to conserve energy.  One way the inspector in Atlanta, Ga conserves is with   Energy Star products. Energy Star has become a common term within our everyday language. What exactly does Energy Star mean and how does it apply to not only the Atlanta Home Inspector...
Atlanta Home Inspections   "Forget about the pricetag," Jesse J. proclaims in her pop tune. Do you or your clients sing that song? It would seem that in today's market, price is a deciding factor for several aspects of our everyday living.  What is a pricetag anyway? Does the cost of something te...
   Picture it - Douglasville, Georgia, December 2011 - The inspectors are providing there usual detailed and friendly service to a wonderful couple and their well established agent. For the most part, this inspection has been busines as usual.  The appliances have all been noted, models and seria...
I have often wondered what happens with the taxes and how they are figured especially with all the foreclosures that we inspect.  I see some deals out there that are quite amazing.  I'm glad I ran across the following blog that let me know about a law that went into effect last year! You find an ...
I have to admit the kitchen isn’t always my favorite room. Some days preparing a meal seems like such a treacherous or impossible feat. Especially when a hectic schedule doesn’t permit much preparation time for a hearty meal.  Then, there are the days when I get adventurous and can’t wait to try ...
How many people "Like" your business page on Facebook?  Do you tune in everyday, eagerly anticipating a sudden explosion of new interest in you and what you have to say? Are YOU what everyone is talking about, sharing or leaving comments to? If you are satisfied with your Facebook following and ...
  Spawning from a tree, whose name means "the fire of Zeus", the persimmon, a yellow-orange to red-orange fruit, is so revered in Mitchell Indiana that an annual festival occurs in its' honor. High in glucose and balanced proteins, persimmons are best when eaten baked. However, pies, cakes, syrup...
In the high noon showdown of mortgage lending, the last draw is reserved for the Underwriter. He/She stands at the ready, rules and regulations holstered, but under thumb. They get the last shot, the fatal denial or honorable acceptance. Villains, they may seem , to agents and consumers, but if ...
Accidental inventions can change our lives!  For instance, if Ruth, a Toll House Inn owner had not decided to break bits of sweetened chocolate and mix them into her cookie dough when her supply of bakers chocolate ran out, then the chocolate chip cookie would not have been invented. She thought...

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