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Blogging about all things IDX/MLS, including IDX Broker tools and resources that make agents' lives easier.
You may have seen many webinars on niche markets and how to setup neighborhood pages or widgets for golf course communities, but how do you become a neighborhood expert? Choosing your niche and becoming theexpert is key to success in marketing yourself.Recently, a friend approached me to discuss ...
Increasing the Visibility of Your Website in Search Results Search engine optimization should be an important part of every business is marketing strategy. SEO can significantly improve the visibility of your website in Oregon (unpaid) search results, and therefore increase the number of people w...
The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means different things to different people. While there's not enough time in this blog post to explain every SEO technique available to REALTORS, there is enough space to dispel some common myths!  SEO vs. PPC Before getting into the details of each myth...
Many people theorize about the ideal lead capture settings, but few seem to know what works best for the majority of Agents using a particular IDX or lead capture tool. So we brought out our thinking caps, and Excel spreadsheets, to bring you some numbers.Where to start? IDX Broker is the IDX se...
Most Agents are out selling, not writing HTML, so many are not going to know the difference between linking to IDX forms via iFrame vs. linking directly to IDX search forms. Here's how most HTML designers would describe the two tag types: An iFrame is HTML that pulls a "raw" search form into a wi...
What are dynamic page titles? How are they different from static, or non-existent page titles?  First off, a non-existent page title is just that - there is no tag in the header. The top of the browser page, above the URL bar, displays company name, if that. What about a static page title? It's a...
Great post Dave, glad to see you are pushing that out that new branded search tool to all your buyers and sellers! -chadSearching with an iPhone for real estate listings in Sonoma County just got personal for me. My IDX vendor, IDXBroker, has released an iPhone app that lets me have my own self-b...
Every Wednesday we huddle up for a Development meeting. This is where we discuss the new features for the week. Some of these features may impact specific customers. Others are "behind the scenes" updates that add to the architecture of the IDX Broker platform. Now, for the fun stuff! Today's fea...

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Blogging about all things IDX/MLS, including IDX Broker tools and resources that make agents' and brokers' lives easier.