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The 2009 Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing The first of several new books to be published, this book focuses on the basics of Colorado Real Estate Investing. But don't take "basics" to literally, it provides much detail into many subjects. The authors Lon Welsh, Charles Roberts, Michael Can...
Incase you happen to have the day off and are just getting up...... High 60's to almost a foot of snow! I love this place! Longmont so far has received over 9 inches of snow according to the Times Call. Snow plows are busy clearing the streets and the forecast? More Snow! The snow started at abou...
CROCS! Well if you like them, come and get them. Appearantly in Longmont at the Crocs Warehouse which is located on the NE corner of Nelson Rd and Sunset Ave, they are having a blowout sale Thurs-Sun. At the time their website only had info on the California sale. My guess would be that much of e...
Old Town Longmont! What a beautiful place, with tree lined streets, turn of century homes, large parks and wildlife, fantastic community atmosphere, rich history and of course shopping and food! In the summer Old Town Longmont is a very popular place. Much of the parks are host to many events gre...
This blog was posted by another AR'r, thought i would share this.So I haven't written a blog post in what pretty much seems forever, after my massive barrage this fall on the bank bailouts and economic issues.  Many people are surprised I haven't chimed in on the massive "stimulus" bill that ever...
I was approached by a Local Ad Link reseller and it looks very interesting! Has anyone tried this? What has your response been? My big question left unanswered is saturation. What happens when everyone "jumps on board" does this force you to just increase your spending eventually to stay on top? ...
Attention Agents and Investors! I wanted to get some feedback on what you are experiencing in terms of DOM and Incentives offered (reduced rent, reduced deposits, free half month's etc) in your investments and those of your clients. I am pending a write up and would like some more "local" informa...
"Can you show me more of that house? I wont be in town for a week" Recently I stumbled upon this AWESOME website that lets your stream video from your PHONE! That's right, we are really headed in a new direction in the coming years. This amazing program lets you set videos to Private or Public an...
I am working on a longer writeup on the rental activity in the Colorado Front Range. Many of us have noticed one or more of the following things: Decrease in "qualified" tenant calls/leads Decrease in rental rates of SFR Increase in DOM Increased incentives from years past (free rent, low deposit...

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