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Technology is well as overwhelming at times!  I love my Blackberry - I have instant access to my emails, my calendar, my contacts, the internet, etc... A drawback is the small screen.  I've looked at an iPad but wasn't real sure of how practical it would be as far as work is con...
Do you all remember October of 2009 and the "balloon boy" incident?  For those of you who missed it - a man (Richard Heene) and his wife sent a self-made gas balloon filled with helium in the air near their Fort Collins, CO home.  The couple then alerted authorities that their six year old son wa...
Have you just had one of "those" transactions?  Everything seems to be moving along rather well once all factors are considered and the Wham! you feel like it could all fall apart before your eyes? I'm there and not liking it one bit!  I'm dealing with a Fannie Mae loan and BOA.  This is the 6th ...
I read an article in the Pittsburg Tribune-Review (link to article here) and didn't know if I should laugh or cry! A man has purchased a home that was in foreclosure and slotted for demolotion and began to fix it up and were going to move in with his girlfriend and five children.  Fantastic news ...
A huge part of real estate in our area, like many others, are short-sales as well as potential sellers calling and not sure of what their options are.  People have been hearing lots of things over the past few years.... and we have heard it / seen it all.  You have the people who tell you about t...
  Do feel that a real estate professional in today’s market has to blog, have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc…?   How much is too much or is there such a thing?  Do you post every listing you have on the social networking signs? It seems that everywhere we turn we are inundated with s...
Many people always ask what is there to do in Spring Hill, Florida.  I suppose that depends on your lifestyle.  We have a couple movie theaters, one of which features movies that have been out for a while but the admission is only a couple of dollars!  That is the Spring Hill 8 on U.S. 19, Spring...
As we welcome in 2011 I couldn't be more excited!  My team is off to a great start and the motivation is so exciting to see.  I am quite familiar with short sales and home to expand my knowledge as well as that of my team's in 2011.  Our geographic are of Spring Hill, Florida has many short sales...
As we know Florida is made up of very few "native Floridians" - most of us have moved to Florida because we had friends or family living here first - or if not, because we wanted to get the hect out of the colder climates!! There are areas in Florida that attract many international buyers.  South...
I saw an article online that of course caught my eye....a 71 year old woman in Okeechobee, FL (my State) has not paid a single mortgage payment since 1985!  WHAT?? This can't be right.  It is. Reading the full article I had mixed feelings.  Being a Realtor I am not in favor of people just not pay...

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