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I can say that I keep up to date, for the most part, on things going on politically - both locally and nationally.  I have my personal views, which I typically keep to myself as political views tend to not mix with....anything! :) One of the local news stations here in the Tampa Bay, Floirda area...
I am watching the 11pm news and there was a brief clip about a man trying to pay his credit card bill with Chase... with pennies!! Too funny!!  Apparently he went to multiple branches before he was able to pay by pennies - the other branches didn't have enough room in their vaults. Funny stuff - ...
I feel very blessed right now.....have you ever been in one of those time periods where everything is just "clicking"?  I have to say I am there right now!  I am busy - which is ALWAYS a blessing!  I have hired a buyer's specialist, I have an assistant in the office until mid afternoon, and have ...
We are all dealing with short sales....some of us make offers for customers, some of us take listings, a lot of us do both.  I read a letter tot he editor this morning about short sales and thought I would write about it. The "letter" was about taking multiple offers on short sales....but not dis...
I am curious how many agents out there are paperless?  I would love to head in that direction but don't know how feasable it really is?  If you are paperless is it becasue your broker is paperless - or as close to it as you can get? I think about this often both in an effort to conserve resources...
Our team is participating in a progressive Broker's Open and we are super excited about it! The first one will be on March 8, 2011 and will feature four (4) properties; 1. 1448 Willow Creek Terrace (MLS #2121564): Bonnie Barbiei's listing 2. 2478 Hidden Trail Drive (MLS #2124699): Denise Espisito...
I know we are all hit very hard when gas prices climb and climb and climb....and don't seem to stop!  Our local area prices are about $3.37 p/ gallon.  Even though this hits our wallets hard we must go on with our jobs, which include a lot of driving! How have rising gas prices affected you?  Are...
I have heard many things about Google Ad Words / Google Ad Campaigns....some associates tell me they have had great success and others have said it is a huge waste of money.  I know that the only way to really "test the waters" is to try it myself, but I am one that likes to hear from the masses ...
There used to be a time when closing gifts were often that a thing of the past? Realtors used to have cute little tokens of appreciation for customers that have just bought or sold a home and many, many times customers would purchase small gifts for their Realtor.  Just wondering...
We all compete for business....we all want that listing that is a great deal and in beautiful condition.  Reality is that there may not be enough of THOSE to go around there is still plenty of business and we all have to figure out how to get it. Listing presentations are a big part of getting a ...

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