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On of the biggest landmarks, a tree planted in the late 1880's by one of Glendora's early residents Edgar J. Owens, can be found in Big Tree Park Glendora, CA a city suburb of Southern California.  The tree stands 90 feet high and it has a branch spread of 110 feet.  The circumference of the trun...
      My Realtor Association Board moved to a new location, not far from me actually, it's bigger and better than the cramp quarters previously rented.  Here are some pictures taken recently and a brief description of our new digs.  A grand opening and ribbon cutting cermony took place today, Oct...
Here in Southern California, people who are losing their homes due to a foreclosure, auction or just want to refinance their existing mortgage, can get assistance from a counselor by going to the Los Angeles Convention Center today until this coming Monday October 4, 2010.  Homeowners in Northern...
The library is for the housing of reading material.  Books, catalogs, movies, photographs, can all be found at the library.  The World Book Encyclopedia says they are one of the most important contributors to human culture and technology.  Modern technology, the Internet, (though valuable) has re...
House plants reduce the levels of carbon dioxide by converting it into oxygen thereby improving the quality of air in our homes but you will need more than one plant.  The question of what plants will grow in your home will depend on the conditions of the home, such as light, humidity, and temper...
As a courtesy, we offer a free search tool that enables you to look at homes for sale in San Gabriel Valley, California.  This is the same tool  we use as REALTORS®. You can search as much as you like 24/7, without entering any personal information.  If you would like to have new daily listings s...
Oh yes, money has power.  It is associated with career, prestige, position, corruption and wealth.   It can buy you million dollar homes, expensive clothes, and jewelry,  and the finer things of life grandeur and luxury.  It may also buy you adulation, friends and flattery.   But that is as far a...
Imagine, if you can, a delicate creature fluttering from flower to flower, and plant to plant.  They come in all colors and sizes.  It is believed that some 120,000 species exist.  The most beautiful can be seen in the tropics and the greatest number of them can be found in Brazil. Yes I am talki...

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