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The Nation's Largest Hero Savings program is now serving those who serve, with their real estate needs by way of savings; now in La Porte County. Read More
Homes for Heroes is helping those who serve save. Click here for the rest of the story
  Our goal at Aspire is simple: to exceed the expectations of our clients, our associates, and our partners. Our purpose is to lead our customers to the American dream of home ownership.  Amy Hendrickson & Hayley DeWeerd are passionate about working with our local heroes & being able to give back...
  I am a military wife who has gone through my husband leaving my son and I for boot camp and then training. Shortly after that came our daughter and the news of being deployed overseas for 11 months. I wanted to do something to help people like I was helped while he was gone. I wanted my chance ...
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 This may sound all so bizarre but I got one morning very recently wanting to find a way to give back to my community. I picked up the phone and spoke to a former colleague, also a friend of mine who works for a lender, and who is also affiliated with Homes for Heroes Program and had a conversati...
 Traci D. Roberts is a REALTOR® and a native to Tucson, Arizona. During the last ten years Traci has been recognized as a leader in her community, won several awards and nominated “Northwest Tucson’s Best Realtor in 2012”. Since 2004, she has continually been in the top 5% of her Market Center, s...