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I have got to say this was one of the craziest weeks of my career in the lending industry. There were more downs then ups and I'm glad I've come to a place where I can keep my head up, but it definately kept spinning as the week progressed. The Wins Appraisals ordered and completed on two deals. ...
So the last two weeks Tuesdays were the hard days, this week it was Thursday. This week has been interesting. I've gotten into the purchase side of lending this week and have found that its a real balancing act between the realtor and myself and the client. Alot to take in, but its all in the fol...
We made it to hump day! This week has been a little slower than the previous week. I'm still on the hunt for more loan applications. Talked to three great potential clients yesterday who are looking to purchase homes in the next few months, so I'm working to get them pre approved. The picture bel...
So the last two Tuesdays for whatever reason have been a struggle. Everything seems to go sideways or just become incredibly difficult. I'm taking a stand today and am going to try my best to make Tuesday a good day.   I meet a wonderful realtor, Jana Brooks with Better Properties Gig Harbor, and...
Monday morning was great except for the fact that my windshield cracked while driving... Never had that happen before, but thankfully it didn't prevent me from seeing my referral partners!   I met with Debi Gregory with Edward Jones in Puyallup, WA. Debi and I met at a networking group last year ...
Happy Monday Followers! I hope each of you goes out and creates new opportunities for this new week! Keep in mind you never know until you try, and you'll never get if you never ask! Open your mind your abilities to the unknown and uncover what successes lay in front of you this week! I chose thi...
It has been one crazy week! I just got back in the office a half hour ago, had a crazy busy morning! Started with a realtor meeting and appointment with a client. Then I had lunch with another relator and now I'm waiting for another client to show up to do a pre qualification. I can't describe ho...
As I've become busier throughout the week, I'm finding myself not blogging as much as I use to on AR. I miss it! However, like the saying goes, focus on money making activities first and everything else second. Today went by so quickly its been a blur! I had a great signing today with a cold call...
Another crazy week! I thought my boss Justin was joking when he said its crazy when multiple deals are on the table and your trying to keep track of them... He wasn't joking! Yesterday was a stress ball, but I got conditional approval on my loan this morning at 7am! Thats how we start Working Wed...
What a Tuesday. I feel like as the weeks go by, there are certain days when things just don't go according to plan. Its been a struggle lately to have clients keep their appointments both realtorso and my refinance clients. Always rescheduling at the last minute, hours before we meet. I've learne...

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