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    I was asked that by one of my fellow leasing agents as we watched the Celtics dance to yet another victory. They wanted to know the phrases we used in the South and if we had indoor plumbing. Apparently Virginia is another country to Bostonians. Well... it really is, but that's another matter...
 Over these past two and a half weeks I've come to a few conclusions: 1. I NEVER want to be an appraiser. Granted I'm passing my appraisal class with flying colors and I don't have to take the final, but our projects are really... well taking up more time than I anticipated. They're very good tho...
 Lat semester we talked about conservation easements in my Real Estate Law class. We followed a case in Charlottesville of a couple who receieved a building permit to add onto their house and a neighbor stopped them because there was a conservation easement on the land. It was a long legal mess. ...
 I have yet to take a property management or real estate class where we don't talk about fair housing. I think I could teach a fair housing class we talk about it so much. I think it's important to learn about it, particularly when it comes to race and national origin- that shouldn't matter one l...
 Little ole Blacksburg is going green! While we've been making steps toward being green like a successful recycling campaign and the use of biofuel in all town vehicles, this is the first major building renovation heading in the 'green' direction. The old Blacksburg Motor Company (of as some refe...
I am part of Virginia Tech Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. We're part of the national Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. We've been trying to gather support and change the ruling of CCC for the past three years and it's really taken off this past year because of the event sof April 1...
  For anyone going back to school or parents looking for a good major for their graduating seniors, check out the Residential Property Management Program at Virginia Tech. We take a variety of housing, management, business and real estate classes geared toward property management. The courses ran...
 I'm pretty sure everyone knows me from my mom's blogs, but if not my name is Kat Malone and I am a junior at Virginia Tech in the Residential Property Management program.  These past two days myself and two other students, Mike and Jessica, were chosen to represent the RPM program at the Virgini...

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