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  It's a Tuesday night. You're bored and it's Blacksburg. Where do you go? TOTS of course! (Top of the Staris, but no one calls it that- dead giveaway that you're not from the area) Around here, Tuesdays are known as TOTS Tuesdays. Karaoke night is a great night to go watch people make idiots of ...
  I've been talking to my mom lately about student housing, particularly since I went to the Student Housing Conference in Vegas and visited my CAM project property this semester. I'm pretty sure she had in mind my apartment when I kept takling about student housing. Needless to say it was as typ...
        Burruss Hall is named after our 8th school president- Julian Burruss. He was the first alumni to become president and his claim to fame is convincing the board of visitors to allow white women to attend the college. Much of the money to build this came from the New Deal. Several other bui...
    Torgersen Hall and Bridge were named after recent President Paul Torgersen. Both the hall and bridge were built in 2000 to accomdate the growing number of students and add a high tech space for students to study. Administrators were skeptical at first of the bridge going over Alumni Mall bec...
    Ok, so it's not my own career, more like my major's. But that's saying something- few of the majors at Virginia Tech have their own personal career fairs. We have a few school-wide ones, mainly the Business Horizons, Engineering Expo, and Connecetions Career Fair. I've been to all three, just...
  I was having a great weekend in DC this past Saturday. It was chilly but we decided to take the Metro to the Air and Space Museum. We were walking in the National Mall and I get a call from one of my sorority sisters. "Hey, you know your boy Cassel is gone, right?" "Wait, what?" "Yeah, your tea...
  While Rachel and I were at CPAC, we noticed a LOT of fashion no-no's. I'm not sure if it's because of the way I was brought up or all the professionalism drummed into me in my major, but I wouldn't be caught dead at a professional event in some of the stuff that we saw. If it weren't so conspic...
I couldn't help but post this- after going to CPAC and being one of maybe 20 black people I saw there, this picture cracked me up!  
Neither my friend Rachel nor I have ever seen so many tall well dressed conservative guys in one place. The well dressed isn't so much of a deal, but tall (as in taller than me which is rare) and conservative.... my facebook status reads: so many tall well dressed conservative guys in one place.....

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