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One of the most satisfying perks of my job as a mobile technology consultant is how people seem to value my opinion when it comes to choosing a smartphone, netbook or mobile application. I do my homework, compare the devices as objectively as one possibly can, and after all that, my answer more o...
Windows Mobile 6.5 Released Microsoft is forging ahead with the Windows Mobile OS, its latest version 6.5, from the last upgrade of 6.1 many devices are not compatible with the upgrade, specifically those running Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0. Some devices running 6.1 are upgradeable, however. In t...
Verizon wireless subscribers who use email on their smartphone or aircard may discover they are unable to send email after August 29th. http://support.vzw.com/information/smtp_shutdown.html Here's a summary of what's going on, how to determine if you will be affected, and what you can do to make ...
As I present smartphone and mobile technology workshops to Realtors across the country, I have had to respond to a common theme, particularly when it came to using the smartphone as a lockbox key. "My smartphone is failing to be dependable as a key and I am getting frustrated". At first Palm Treo...
Personal computing has entered a new age. The way we conduct business, entertain and communicate with computers is constantly evolving, and I welcome you to the next phase. Here's a question for you to ponder: When was the last time you needed to load a CD-ROM into your drive? If it's been a whil...
I got some exciting news today. I, like so many others have been patiently(?) waiting for the Palm Pre to hit the stores. The buzz about the device has been tremendous since it was first seen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this January. Critics have been saying that the Palm Pre can be t...
This is not some new way of blinging out your phone, rather an important addition to your contacts. In fact, once you've ICEd your phone, tell everyone else you know who has one that it's time to ICE. What is ICE? Glad you asked. In Case of Emergency (ICE) is a place to store emergency contact in...
One thing I have discovered through my travels as a consultant and workshop presenter of handheld technologies is that there really is not a lot of information readily available for mobile professionals to refer in order to decide what tools they should adopt to achieve success in their real esta...

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