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Gary Waters is your resource for all information related to buying, and selling real estate along Florida's Space Coast. If you are relocating to central Florida I want to help by referring you to one of the most knowledgeable real estate companies around - Bucci Realty! ! Whatever you are looking for in homes and condos for sale or any other information, let me point you in the right direction!



Labor Day is, among other things, the official end of the summer. Regardless of where you live the kids are probably back in school.  Fall will soon arrive. College football started last night and there are high school games here tonight. So, I am ready to take off for a few days and head to Geor...
You have your home on the market.  The showings have been frequent over the first week or two.  An indication you have it priced for the market! The feedback has been mostly positive.  An indication you have prepared it well. Now you have received your first offer.   How does a seller evaluate an...
On the surface you would think all home buyers would know this but often they do not have a clear understanding. How many people go to a car dealership without knowing how much car they can afford?   How many car salesmen just take their word for it and start showing cars?  That is probably a bad...
Short Sale Advice –  The seller is the first step in getting the short sale approved! I have experienced short sale situations where the seller just signs off on an obviously weak offer because they wanted to “let the lender decide.” In a recent situation I fully expected a counteroffer from the ...
Lenn Harley makes a strong case here for hiring a professional property inspector as well as working with a real estate professional who specializes in new construction when buying a newly built home. I have learned this through experience - twice so far! There was a time that I was like many oth...
This is probably the single one rule that should be on the wall of every real estate office.   Consistency has been the key and will be the key to future successes. If one does not learn this rule, the rule they will living is this one... An occasional newsletter, an occasional social networking ...
And its message was appropriate for the day. This afternoon I had a closing. It has been a long time coming. It is a short sale.  This horoscope reminds that every closing, and especially a short sale, involves a team effort. There are, of course, the buyer and seller. But there are more players ...
I am not sure where this came from…Yogi Berra, one of the baseball greats of all time, is well renowned for his witticisms. Yogi said "Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical." If he were a real estate agent it could have easily been … Selling your house is ninety percent pr...
The hardest part of selling your home is getting it ready to place on the market. There are a few axioms in my repertoire like “If you can smell it, you can’t sell it” and “You’re selling your house, not your life” which refer to a few of the keys to presenting your home to the public - Clean Dep...
School started in Brevard County, Florida last week.   I am lucky enough to be able to walk my grandson to his school just down the street. One thing I noticed over those first few days – drivers need to slow down. The time has changed and behavior needs to change as well.  Drivers need to amend ...

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Eighteen Years Experience in Brevard County
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15 years experience in Brevard County, Florida I am now a referral agent with Bucci Realty, Inc. Moving to Brevard County Florida

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