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Gary Waters is your resource for all information related to buying, and selling real estate along Florida's Space Coast. If you are relocating to central Florida I want to help by referring you to one of the most knowledgeable real estate companies around - Bucci Realty! ! Whatever you are looking for in homes and condos for sale or any other information, let me point you in the right direction!



If you are not one of the top three, you are just a competitor – one of the many that did not make the cut. As I sat here this morning watching the XXX Olympic Games – specifically the Japan vs. Sweden women's soccer match – I thought of all the work that goes into making the Olympic Games.   And...
My son left today for U.S. Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois. Being a retired Navy officer myself I have great deal deal of pride in my son making the choice to serve our Country. I am also proud of him for the many other achievements in his short life. Things like achieving Eagle Scout ran...
Why are you not buying a house right now?  You have a good job with excellent income.  You debt to income ratio is well below the maximum allowable debt load.  Your credit score is above average – maybe even what is considered high.  You have some cash saved up.  And there are even many loan prog...
At times I have heard it used to describe a house (or just a room). "Dirty as a pigsty."For you city folks... a pigsty (alternate spelling pig sty) refers to a shelter where pigs are kept.It implies a very undesirable, unappealing state of being.Many times buyers considering the purchase of a for...
When you get used to something - anything - you will never notice it.  The same goes for pet or cigarette smells. When preparing to sell your home it is critical that detractors - be they smell, clutter, personal "stuff" or whatever - be removed so as to not take away from your central effort of ...
Valerie Zinger lays out some pretty simple guidelines for anyone selling their home to think about. None of these are time consuming tasks but all very important if buyers are going to be viewing your home while you are away. The fact is, even just a single one, could be the distraction that caus...
The answer is obvious – a great big NO. As a real estate agent who has completed many BPOs I know there are conditions and issues with properties I can’t document or even see. The power may be off so if there is an electrical issue or even a non-functioning air conditioner, I would never know. Th...

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Eighteen Years Experience in Brevard County
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15 years experience in Brevard County, Florida I am now a referral agent with Bucci Realty, Inc. Moving to Brevard County Florida

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