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As I stated in the closing of my last blog on in this series Meeting Conditions On The Commitment Letter  once the Attorney and the Buyers have completed all of the conditions that were listed on the Commitment Letter, the Closing Department will give the Attorney a "Clear To Close".  These are t...
Once the Commitment Letter has be issued, everyone is a little more at ease, but this is not a time to relax, all the conditions that are on the Commitment Letter have to be completed before the Closing can occur.  Even though the Closing Department will be the main contact from this point on, I ...
Once a Borrower has done what is need to Prepare To Purchase A Home, they are ready to purchasing a home once they have gone under contract and begin the process of Obtaining A Mortgage.  Here my knowledge of the mortgage process, and all the steps that a Borrower will go through from the time th...
There are many ways that we as professionals in the Real Estate Industry bring value to our clients, but it all begins with Preparing Buyers To Purchase A Home.  Being in the lending side of the industry the value that I bring to that process, starts with my first contact with each and every Borr...
Yes that is correct Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) Interest Rate Is At 2.75% This Week!!! This Interest Rate is amazing, when did anyone ever see a 30 year fixed interest rate at 2.75% with 1 point and an APR of 3.786%?  This interest rate will be good up until at least next Thursd...
  Last night 8 To The Bar were the performers at the Wadsworth Mansion Concert In Middletown, CT.  They drew a very large crowd, so large that this was the closest that we were able to get to the stage which is located up by the Wadsworth Mansion.  Both parking lots at Mercy High School and Snow...
I always have my eye out for networking events, and there is a good one scheduled for August 6th, ant the Water's Edge Resort & Spa.  The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce will be hosting this Business After Work event in an effort to create more of a partnership between the Middlesex Realtor...
Borrowers Need To Take Responsibility For Their Decisions.  A theme that still seems to be very common these days is to blame Lenders for doing loans that Borrowers could not afford.  After all the first thing that you normally hear a homeowner who is about to lose his/her house is that the Lend...
  If you live in Middletown, Connecticut, here is your chance to part with those treasures that you no longer want, but do not want to throw away.  Middletown will be holding a Middletown Townwide Tag Sale on Saturday, September 15th, from 8:30 to 2:30. This may seem like a long way away, but it...
  Come Enjoy The Musical Sound Of The Sun Boxes at the Rose Garden in Walnut Hill Park, New Britain Ct.  The Walnut Hill Rose Garden Committee, which is headed by Kate McCue of McCue Mortgage, is inviting everyone to join them at the Rose Garden for what promises to be a unique, and relaxing tim...

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