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I just got my current 4Imprint catalog. It always makes me look through it and think about which promotional items would work best with our clients. Do they want a pen, a key chain, or a flashlight? Or maybe an umbrella or coffee mug?  In the past, we have done pocket calenders, pens, carabiners,...
Agents often ask me the benefits of having their face on their cards. This is my response: In my opinion, new agents gain a lot in regards to name/face recognition by having thei face on the cards. When you hand them to people, there is more of a likelihood that a person will remember your face a...
We recently had the opportunity to participate in housing fairs at Northeastern, Suffolk, and Boston University here in Boston. Each of these events hosts between 100 and 200 kids that are looking for fall housing in 2011. To participate, a company must be selected and approved by the off campus ...
So I was walking outside to Starbucks, through the snow. Annoyed. You have to hop over all the ice, wear sunglasses as the reflection is bright, and make sure you don't step in one of the monster Boston snow puddles. BUT it did, of course, get me thinking. how does weather change our markets (in ...
You think of Philadelphia as the midwest. You think there are only 25 letters in the alphabet (no R’s). You think three straight days of 90+ temperatures is a heat wave. All your pets are named after Celtics or Bruins. You refer to 6 inches of snow as a “dusting.” Just hearing the words “New Yor...
Remember the days when agents worked so diligently to achieve name/face recognition? Well, I suppose this still happens but there are much newer methods to this ideal these days. In the era of facebook, twitter, linkedin, yelp, myspace, etc etc etc - you need to be conscious of what your image is...
Real estate agents seem to sometimes forget that, no matter what company they are affiliated with, they still manage their own identity. Or at least they should! Just like companies, each person can make their own pitch or target by thinking about who they are and who they want to attract. Some e...
I just launched a new iPhone application for one of my real estate clients and it looks great! It works utilizing the GPS function of your phone and allows users to search by proximity. Essentially, you can walk around and find an apartment by seeing those available around you! Here is the descri...
I remember days ago, well make that years ago, when almost every property you showed had a few thousand dollar realtor bonus. I am pretty sure this was not just Cincinnati! It seems that those days have passed for the most part, although buyers are still considered the name of the game to making ...
Interesting concept.... in real estate, we are always looking for our next buyer, renter, investor or seller.... or at least we should be. Our mind is always on the prize... at the supermarket, sporting events, and everywhere else we go. We throw ourselves and cards at people in the hopes they wi...

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