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A Southern California Coastal agent's perspective on real estate and other things that interest me! Based in Laguna Beach, Real Estate is my passion.
 "Please Don't Punish My Clients For My Inexperience!"  Remember your first deal? or first few deals? Remember how nervous you felt with each move you made? You wanted to do the right thing for your clients, ideally without showing your inexperience to anyone. Ah...real estate youth!I remember tr...
 Is Buying A Foreclosure Really That Different? Foreclosed and distressed properties still make up a significant portion of our real estate market across the country. The mortgage meltdown created a portfolio of bad loans and the home owners found themselves forced to choose between trying to man...
 Fixer vs Dated Properties You’re a handy person. You have watched all the HGTV shows and are ready to dig in and makeover a needy home into your dream. Perhaps you are thinking about buying a property to fix up and flip. Whatever the purpose of looking for an ugly duckling property, there is a d...
 Follow-up To My HERO Program Post  This past week I wrote a blog cautioning home owners about using the HERO Program to finance home improvements. In the comment section, I had a HERO Program Property Adviser provide some information and resources for more information. I appreciated that they mo...
 Are You Ready To Build Your Team? Branching out and sharing leads is a very scary thing to sales people....and that's what we are! We are confident in our own abilities and the idea of giving a lead (and the prospect of shared or lost commission) can be difficult. If we are going to succeed beyo...
Offering Less To The Buyer's Agent? - Counterpoint I read a featured post today by Greg Nino, outlining reasons why a buyer's agent might not be getting 50% of the total commission. I read a number of comments talking about greed and other less-than-proper reasons for this practice. Rather than h...
 Allstate Insurance - Marketing Mistakes, Good Hands My A** It's entirely possible that I'm over-reacting. Nah...I never do that!!  Like clockwork, every 6 months or so, I get an email addressed to my late husband offering him life insurance. I mean, sure..who doesn't want life insurance for a de...
 HERO Program - Doesn't Make You A "Hero" To Your Buyers What comes to mind this morning is the song "Another One Bites The Dust." The HERO Program seems to be another well-intentioned program which might cost the homeowner a great deal, in the long run.The HERO Program (Home Energy Renovation Op...
Just adding to the Mother's Day wishes out there today with one of my own. My mom is my best friend and partner in crime. I am very fortunate to have such a great role model, confidant and mentor. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. 
Wow, close call. I did some house sitting this weekend. Well, house listing sitting. A fellow agent is off in the mountains for Mother's Day weekend and asked me to field listing appointments for her while she was out of cell coverage. No problem!This agent was working on a listing out of our loc...

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