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A Southern California Coastal agent's perspective on real estate and other things that interest me! Based in Laguna Beach, Real Estate is my passion.
 My guy is home, for good. Today he landed at LAX and is done with Quantico. The last couple months have been particularly hard. Hikes through the night in frigid weather, laying in icy water during the war games and the stress of the final tests....Richard is exhausted.But he graduated.One more ...
 Should You Keep Or Sell That Inherited House?You've inherited a property. Now what? Should you keep it and rent it out? Sell it? If you've just suffered a loss, deciding what to do about the inherited property can seem overwhelming. There are a few steps to take to make the decision about what t...
 It's the end of a very long day. My best intention planned to write a brilliant interesting blog post tonight. I started with a title. I searched my tired brain for a catchy title.Well you can see what happened there.So, I'm going to pour a glass of wine and as my kiddos say, Chillax. 
I Like To Call Prospects In The Evening This was the response from a sales person when I asked why she didn't call during the hours I entered on my request form. As many of you might know, I've started car shopping for my kiddo....the one who drove his car into a ditch? that kiddo? SighI have sta...
 Yep it's that time of year again, the Oscars. To be honest? I really don't care. There are too many award shows these days and I get award burn-out. For instance, doesn't it seem like there is a Country Music Award of somekind every month? But....what I am enjoying, are the dresses. Love seeing ...
 What The Heck Is This Market? You Better Trust Your Agent I'm going to start and end this blog post with this thought.....if you don't trust your Realtor®, find a new one! Ok, that being said, let's go on.This is an odd market. I can't remember a time when the news and information was so availab...
I talk to many buyers who show some hesitation when writing an offer. I think they are worried that they will be stuck with this home, and are trying to make a decision about such an important purchase in the 15 minutes they were in the home. How can anyone be expected to do that?Buyers need to u...
 Just Listed Mission Viejo, California 2-22-16 to 2-27-16 What a beautiful day in Mission Viejo, California! The sun is shining and the temperatures will be milder than last week. So of course you're thinking, "forget the beach.....let's go house hunting!"Perfect! I'm around! Let's do it!New list...
  Just Listed Lake Arrowhead, California 2-22-16 to 2-27-16 Spring is coming to the local mountains and the community of Lake Arrowhead is getting ready. With new listings coming to market every day, now could be a great time to see these before the crowds catch on. 30 days from now you could be ...
  The Moment You Lost The Sale My idiot darling son totaled his car. He's fine! Just youthful crazy taking it's toll. He was driving a few kids back to college after a debate team event. It was dark and instead of driving to the stop sign and turning up the road....all those nice paved roads....h...

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