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I was talking with a person whom I do alot of short-sales with who said that some bpo agents who also get REO's are purposely overvaluing the BPO's on short-sales so that it won't go through knowing that when it goes to foreclosure that they have a chance of getting the property at REO. I asked h...
It has been a little while since I have been able to express my feeling regrading the market. I must say, that everyday continues to make me just shake my head. To my subject line, Why did the bank's need a bailout when if they would make deals they wouldn't lose as much money? Cases in Point, My...
I just attended a board meeting last night regarding whether to switch lockbox systems. We currently use the Supra System which I really like because of the Technology. With a Blackberry add-on coming out and the new key this seems to be a great system. The reason for this discussion is that a la...
As from my previous blog, alot of you know that with short-sales persistance pays off. I finally settled one of those deals where that persistancy paid off. This was a referral, the referral agent says that they have alot more business in my area, and they are only going to use me. It makes you f...
I have realized after doing many a short-sale that alot of agents don't like doing them because of the time and effort they take. I have come to learn from 2 of my short-sales, that persisitance is all that is needed. I have had 2 short-sales that have lasted more than 120 days. One of them still...

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