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While most real estate blogs toe the party line in order to promote the interests of the real estate industry, this blog focuses on providing an insider's insights on the Chicago area market and industry developments. Topics include new business models, developing problems, consumer behavior, industry issues, opportunities, and market conditions - just to name a few.
If you go back a little more than a year ago Facebook offered advertisers a wealth of targeting options, unmatched on any other platform. Using data acquired through third parties and merged with Facebook's user data, advertisers were able to target users based upon a plethora of demographic data...
When buying or selling a home, it is crucial to find a good realtor. Unfortunately there are so many terrible agents in the business. As the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Northwest Real Estate (based in Portland, Oregon), Bert Waugh Jr., once said, surveys of the general public show that most pe...
I have several older posts regarding the reasons for steep real estate commissions. These reasons have included paying for misused time, the cost of lead acquisition, and the cost of friendship. As you can see, none of these reasons have anything to do with the actual value of the service. Inman ...
It seems like an obvious draw for a real estate agent to offer commission rebates. Yet not many people know that these agents exist. According to Google Trends, each month the Chicago-area searches “real estate agents” upwards of 5,400 times, while there are only 30 searches per month for real es...
I speak to many home buyers that have expressed their desire to purchase a home without using a real estate agent. Unfortunately, most of the time the reason I am speaking to them is because they already had a problem with a transaction. Usually their reasons for not wanting to use an agent are n...
As I pointed out in a recent post, 1,000 realtors left the real estate business in Chicago last year. I can attest to how poorly most real estate agents are doing in this market because I periodically look up the sales statistics for agents that I know and most of the time their numbers are prett...

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Lucid Realty is an innovative and highly rated real estate brokerage in the Chicago area offering discounted commissions to home sellers and commission rebates to home buyers while still providing full service. Founded by two industry outsiders who were frustrated with the industry status quo, the company brings a fresh perspective to industry issues.