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Happy Halloween!!  Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 3 basis points today at 105.28 having remained above the 200 day moving average yet another day.  The Japanese candlestick chart looks like a power line with 6 birds on it as there has been little change in pricing over the last six se...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 3 basis points yesterday at 105.41 having fallen just bps below resistnace offered by the high of 5/31/13.  MBS bonds have been hovering in a virtual horizontal line for four days now slightly above the 200 day moving average.  Although no one expects an...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 9 basis points today at104.22 having remained in a tight trading range between resistance offered by the 10 day moving average and support offered by the 25 day moving average.  A lack of movement in congress spilled over to a sputtering bond market to...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 6 basis points today at 104.91 having remained in a broad channel below the 200 day moving average and above the 100 day moving average.  MBS bonds were up as many as 28 basis points during the day until the balloon began to seep. The 200 day moving av...

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