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         The bond market had fairly poor week with selloffs early in the day Monday through Wednesday.  There were three fairly poor Treasury auctions which kept MBS bonds back.  Thursday, however, there was a rally which caused a 60 basis point turn around which left prices up 34 to 44 basis poi...
           30 year conforming rates ended the week at 4.50% on Friday and the high balance conforming rate was at 4.75%.  Both of those rates had been an 125% higher on Thursday.  I had a bank offering the jumbo 30 year fixed at 4.50%.  The ARMS were still pretty attractive with one bank offering...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 16 basis points today at 100.78 having broken through and closed above the 25 day moving average.  After starting the day in arrears, this represented an improvement in pricing between 34 and 44 basis since morning pricing came out depending on the time ...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 31 basis points today at 101.09 having broken through two levels of resistance prior to falling 10 basis points below the second one.  Fed Chief Ben Bernanke's dovish, more fully explanatory comments today were both stock and bond friendly.  He stated th...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 22 basis points today at 100.16 having inched ever closer to resistance above offered by the 100.69 level.  It was encouraging to see that yesterday's rally was followed by an second positive session.  It looked as we would have more positive new when th...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 22 basis points today at 101.34 having remained in a neutral zone.  The combination of the slow trading of a holiday week and the volatility associated with light trading frequently can create large swings in the market.  Today, however, the range of p...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) were up 16 basis points today at 101.59 after having risen to within 10 basis points of resistance at 101.81.  After the great Bernanke selloff, MBS bonds have had 4 consecutive positive sessions.  Unfortunately the interest rates have been coming down at a much s...

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