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Where are the subprime perp walks? Three years after the housing bubble popped, prosecutors have yet to bring a major case tied to the subprime fiasco. What gives? NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Where are the perp walks for the subprime mortgage executives that dragged us into this mess? Three years after...
No summer fun for America's lobster fishermen Eric Wahlgren Sep 5th 2009 at 10:00AMText SizeAAAFiled under: Economy More In case you haven't heard, there's something of a crisis going on in the coastal waters along America's Eastern Seaboard. No, it's not the Russian sub that spooked U.S. defense...
IRS mining mortgage and UBS data to find tax cheats UBS (UBS) data won't be the only data used to find tax cheats. Thanks to a report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), called "Mortgage Interest Data Could Be Used to Pursue More Nonfilers and Underreporters," the IR...
Homebuyers cashing in $8,000 tax credits First-time homebuyers around the country have started to cash in on their tax credits from the Recovery Act. Hundreds of thousands of first-time homebuyers across the country have begun to claim their tax credits, according to new government data released ...
Saving homeowners - 1 at a time Housing counselors in New Haven struggle to help an avalanche of distressed borrowers avoid foreclosures. Whenever Alice Steinhardt walks into her office, her phone's message light is red. A foreclosure prevention counselor at Neighborhood Housing Services of New H...
Plug your money leaks You don't need to spend big bucks to tackle sorely needed home-improvement projects. These smart short-term fixes can do the job. 1 of 4Roof Even the merest bit of moisture seeping in during rainstorms can lead to rot and mold inside walls. Cheap fix: Patch the problem areas...
Fed leans on bankers' banks The U.S. central bank orders Midwest Independent Bancshares and Nebraska Bankers' Bank to increase oversight and improve risk management. The Federal Reserve Thursday ordered Midwest Independent Bancshares Inc., a "bankers' bank" in Missouri that provides services to a...
What I bought with my $8,000 tax credit These 7 new homeowners stepped up their house-hunting to take advantage of the first-time buyer tax credit -- before it expires on Dec. 1. 1 of 7Jonathan and Vanessa Lee Vanessa Lee, 22, with her husband, Jonathan, 24, and their two children. He is a floor...
The housing recovery mirage With home prices rising even in California, it might seem that the worst is over for the housing market. But the good vibrations may be short lived. Is the housing bust over? Shares of Toll Brothers (TOL), Hovnanian (HOV) and KB Home (KBH) and other builders have surge...
How long will low mortgage rates last? By Chris Kissell • Highlights "Interest rates rise faster than they fall," says an economist. End of Fed buying mortgage-backed securities may drive up rates. First-time homebuyers who don't close by Nov. 30 will miss $8,000 credit.

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