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When promising investment properties, in Maryland or anywhere, are well-promoted, you can count on them drawing a crowd. Why wouldn’t they? Investment properties that perform well are like money machines: put in a quarter, get back a quarter and a nickel (and another nickel, and another, and anot...
For owners who are contemplating some major upgrades with an eye to eventually selling a home in Maryland, there’s always the question of where to do the upgrading. Last year, the National Association of Home Builders weighed in with a study of what today’s home buyer “really want”—which supplie...
  If you are ready to list your Carroll County home for sale, set yourself up for success by avoiding these 5 common selling mistakes:   1. Putting your home on the market prematurely.   Presentation is everything when it comes to selling your home. So, before you place your home on the market, ...
  When you set about buying a house, you will have already taken as a given that this will be among the most expensive purchases you will ever make. It’s going to be your house on the line; you’ll want to make sure you have the top resources in your arsenal. Chief among them will be having a Rea...
  International home buyers are becoming an increasingly important part of the national real estate landscape. According to the National Association of Realtors®, home buyers from around the globe are spending billions on property in the U.S. Many of these well-heeled international home buyers d...
This summer, success in selling a home in Howard County will depend upon the same factors as always: location; quality; buyer appeal.   A home’s location—short of calling in the house movers—is pretty much what it is. The structural quality of workmanship and the level of maintenance that it’s re...
It’s a bit complicated, selling a home in Howard County. Although you can make a case for the feasibility of doing the whole thing yourself, there are enough areas of knowledge where experience, expertise, and even licensure are recommended that few would ever try it.   At the end of the day, sel...
There is encouraging news for some prospective homeowners with a Howard County foreclosure in their recent past: more common sense seems to have entered the picture.   The financial crisis that began in 2007 caused global disarray: across the U.S. (and Howard County was no exception), large numbe...

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