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I just had a home inspection in Virginia Beach on one of my listings.  The inspector said that the toilets were leaking at the base.  The owner had just had them reset this month.  We couldn't see any leaks or see any water around the base.  I called the inspector and asked him why he thought the...
Grease is in Norfolk, Va.  The long running play is in town at Chrysler Hall and will be here thru Oct 4 so get your tickets now and enjoy.  The show has been around since 1972 when Jim Jacobs co-wrote the show.  He seems to think Grease has endured because of the cool cars, rock and roll, Elvis ...
We have had some good rain in Virgina Beach a few weeks ago.  I guess the ants that live below my mailbox in Glenwood decided to abandon ship as they invaded my mailbox eggs and all.  I put my hand in for my mail and came out with hundreds of ants along with it.  Come an...