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So once again I was reminded of the importance of backing up the data on my computer. As a geek I should be very aware of the consequences involved in not doing a regular back up. However, even geeks get lax sometimes. We start thinking, “Oh that will never happen to my computer”…yeah right. Eve...
Today's blog is about email security. This is a very important blog so read on. Most people don't give this much thought UNTIL you have had someone hack into your email account and spam your entire contact list. I admit, I have had this happen to me on one of my Gmail accounts. In fact I had a fr...
  I have a feeling that I am going to hear a lot of disagreement on this one but I want it to be known that I LOVE Windows 7! It is by far the best Windows yet. Yes folks, we have come a long way from Windows 3.1. Then there was Windows 95 followed by some flops (98, Millenium). Then along came W...
I promised to write a blog about why you should never buy an HP Printer, so here it is. I suppose I should really preface this by saying if you own an HP Printer that you love and have no issues with, then that's fantastic...carry on. However, if you are like me and most of the people I have enco...
    So I had been struggling along with my somewhat elderly HP All In One printer for a while now. And before I go on, let me tell you that you should NEVER buy an HP printer. The purpose of this blog is not to bash HP because honestly when it comes to PC’s, HP puts out a great product. However, ...
  Ok…I am giving you all a break from my “techiness” today. Sunday and Monday I was out walking the Ringling Bridge here in Sarasota and overwhelmed by the beauty of the city in which I have the honor to live. The blue skies, the blue-green water, the wildlife and the natural beauty that is all a...
I’m a little embarrassed to admit that up until relativelyrecently I was extremely low tech when it came to my phone. I’m a computer geekand a purist. My phone was my phone and my computer was my computer and neverthe two shall meet. I resisted for a long time. I dipped my toe in the poolever so...
Welcome to the third and final post in my Mac series. So yesterday we left off with my reinstalling the Mac OS several times before learning my lesson. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, things progressed quite well. I downloaded and installed some cool and useful apps and now have a kick...
Yesterday we left off with me arriving at BestBuy. Right of the bat I noticed that the box was tiny! I mean I thought I was picking up a router or maybe a netbook but certainly not a 13" laptop. I couldn't wait to get it home and out of its protective yet miniscule packaging. I admit I was so ful...
Let's get something straight. I'm a PC girl through and through. However being the good Geek that I am, I realize that sometimes it's good to branch out. Not to mention, I would like to be able to service Macs as well as PC's. With that in mind, I logged onto the BestBuy website and found myself ...

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