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I know, I know…two blogs in a row that are not geeky. I am giving you all a break from the usual technology based blog that I write. So it's Monday morning once again and I am up at 4:40 am to get to the gym before I am off to work. That may seem like an atrocious hour of the morning to a lot of ...
With so many things to accomplish during the week, Sunday must be a day of fun for me. I still have some things lined up but they are things I do for me and don't get to do during the work week. Of course that doesn't mean that someone won't call with a computer emergency that needs to be handled...
Today's blog is not so much a blog as it is a question...The question is, who is your ISP and what do you think of them? For instance, the two choices I have where I live are Verizon and Comcast. I have used both and quite frankly I wouldn't go back to Verizon if you paid me. Not necessarily beca...
Ok, so when it is time for you to get a new computer, do you get a desktop or a laptop? Now for some, this may not even be a question. Some of you may absolutely have to have a laptop for various reasons, including space issues, traveling a lot, etc. But for some, having a desktop is still an op...
I wouldn't normally repost a blog but I think a lot of people missed this one and it is super important so here it is again...Today's blog is about email security. This is a very important blog so read on. Most people don't give this much thought UNTIL you have had someone hack into your email ac...
So when is it time to throw in the towel when it comes to your computer? I have had people ask me this question and quite honestly there is no set answer. The shelf life of a computer can range anywhere from 2 years to 10 years depending on what you use it for, how well you take care of it and ho...
  For the sake of this blog, I am going to assume that most of you are using a wireless network at home. Is your network secure? Are you certain that your neighbors aren’t helping themselves to your internet connection? And if they are using your connection, do you know what they are using it for...
What is the data on your computer worth? The pictures, thedocuments, heck the computer itself? Are these things worth say $20? I can hearthe collective gasp…”well of course it’s worth $20!!” Ok, so are you all usinga surge protector then? I don’t mean your basic power strip. I’m talking aboutan ...
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Now I know that a lot of you may be using Norton or McAfee and it may be functioning very well for you. I however see no reason to pay for an anti-virus when I know for a fact that I can get a free one that works just as well. I find Norton and McAfee overbe...
Well today’s blog is decidedly un-geeky. I am going to talk about my other passion…food! Yes, I think I live in the most wonderful place on earth. Not only is it beautiful but we have some of the finest dining anywhere. You can find literally any type of cuisine here and it is fabulous. In fact, ...

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