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Positive thoughts and ideas about real estate and working through and with this changed market. Experience, education, service and results. That will be your win! Life is too short, enjoy yourself, everyday!
As I am choosing gifts for my clients and family members, I realize that I love the shopping experience.  Finding the good buys, talking with other shoppers or staff, beating the crowds, and staying within my budget, are all positive. Finding just the right thing, is so important.  For my clients...
My Grandson and I, were on a mission, this morning.  We were out looking for his pumpkin.  We checked out some local stands and markets.  Nothing that we saw, seemed to be the one.  We will continue our search. While we were on vacation at WDW, we noticed how nicely they had decorated the resorts...
In honor of Steve Jobbs, the flag at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, in Walt Disney World, Florida, was set at half mast.  Whether you arrived at the park, by boat, monorail or bus, you could not miss this tribute.  A silent, yet, moving statement that many guests noticed.  How very thoughtful...
On the morning of this seminar, last Thursday, I overslept.  Quickly, I jumped into the shower, made myself a cup of coffee to go and jumped into my car and got going.  It was 7:20am.  I had planned to leave for the event, at 6:30am. The trip is mostly highway, so, I wasn't concerned too much abo...
During your day, do you realize that people around you, are watching you?  Whether it's at your office, home, showing properties, open houses, attending seminars or networking, you are being watched.  Is your confidence in place?  Are you positive about the market and your business?  Many times, ...
With every day that passes, we are rushing around to get things done.  So little time, in a day.  Yet, when you loose someone you love, that you thought would be here, forever, you do realize that time is so much more precious than you could have ever imagined.  Keep on making those good memories...
During this current economy, everyone is trying to cut back and save monies.  When I have potential clients or clients, that ask to cut my fee, this is what I explain to them. I am a full time, full service Broker. I have years of experience and education, that will enable you to have a smoother ...
We have been experiencing warmer than usual, weather for this time of year.  The weatherman tonight, reported that a cold front is coming on Thursday.  When we have those cold nights, the leaves will begin to turn more quickly.  Today, I noticed that it is just beginning.  Just a start to the bea...
LOL!  Tonight I am having such fun with the many good blogs that are running.  I have been hitting them, left and right.  From localism weekend fun, to programs about loans and appraisals, I can't post my comments fast enough. While I am posting, and then, replying to others who are commenting on...
  In case you haven't heard, the Irish Storm, Himself, will be onstage, tomorrow and Tuesday, in Philadelphia.  If you are nearby, don't miss it.  It usually begins at 9:00am and ends at 5pm.  Brian Buffini has some amazing tips and tools that he will be offering.  He just launched a new system f...

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