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Link to my site Aerial PhotographyI purchased a drone as a hobbyist, to see if it would be useful to me during inspections. Wow, What a useful tool. I saved risking my neck on an inspection yesterday ( flying my drone for fun and with the property owners permission at no charge and following the ...
This is great advice, I run in to homes that are not ready for inspection daily.      Sellers! The Home Inspector has just completed the Inspection of your house.  You and your Listing Agent are eagerly looking over the report.  WHAT?  The Inspector has written, "not tested" and "unable to access...
"Brian that is absolutely awesome!!! Thank you ever so much, I am very happy with your report, and your extremely prompt ability to get this inspection done so fast for us! I have told the other 2 agents in the office to call you when they need inspections as they both used Tom who retired also. ...
It has been 2 years since the flood in Northern Colorado that affected homes in my area, so I thought I would share an article that I have found helpful to my clients. C.L.U.E. Reports by Nick Gromicko   What is C.L.U.E.? C.L.U.E. stands for "Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange" and is a cla...
I have contractors do things like this all the time and some will actually blame me. Dealing with 2 of them this week on simular issues. It is funny how sometimes the problem magically disappears when I go out to check it. Thanks for the post Jay. When he called me, my neighbor said, "By law the ...
I received a call yesterday from a lender wanting an inspection done the same day so they could close on the deal. The home was inspected already and a few issues were found, but the lender did not want to fix the issues. She mentioned that since it was a conventional loan and not FHA that safety...
I did an inspection last week for an "in training inspector" on a home occupied by an "inspector still considering classes". The inspection went well and they received my standard report, and realized there was a little more to inspecting than they first thought. Then I went to a Realtors associa...
I went to inspect a home yesterday for a client, and the seller was there. The seller had the day off and was very curious. She asked me why I took so many pictures. I told her that I usually take 100 or more pictures per inspection. As I continued my inspection, I wound up explaining everything ...
I just love Charles's blogs. Always a  fun and informative take on the inspection industry and the things we run into on a daily basis. Thanks Charles                Today is a day that will live in infamy as the discovery that water runs down hill was announced by a previously unknown kindergart...
I just got off the phone with a client that I did an inspection for that lives out of town and was not able to join me at the home they were purchasing. The Realtors set it up and gave me 2 hours notice to do the out of town inspection at the drop of a hat. The home is a 1904 Victorian and was re...

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