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I have always known my job is hazardous, climbing ladders, walking roofs, crawling through attics and crawlspaces, mold, gas leaks, Carbon monoxide, meth, feces, asbestos, formaldehyde, and other hazmats. Covid-19 has brought yet another hazard to my job. I wear PPE and do my part to maintain pro...
This was a nice email I received recently, I really enjoyed instructing the Training day classes. It is very gratifying and uplifting to know I was able to positively help others achieve success and that they valued my efforts."Mr. Persons,I never took the opportunity to thank you for teaching a...
Interesting scenario yesterday...Price shopper asked for a quote and I give the estimated fee for the inspection and sewer scope on a 2k sq ft home built in the 1970's. An hour later he texts to ask if I am certified, so I give him a piece of my resume explaining my Certified Master Inspector cer...
I was scrolling along this morning and ran across an article that grabbed my attention about scheduling a home inspection quickly after going under contract. That is a great idea, I have to turn down 2-3 jobs a day due to buyer's short deadlines for getting the inspection done, and my schedule us...
I have been inspecting homes in Northern Colorado for over 17 years and it seems that in recent years sewer scope inspections have become more and more popular as an ancillary service for home inspectors and has become a very common service for me to add to my inspections.I can see why. A lot of ...
I received an email from an agent that was out of town on the weekend with a receipt from an HVAC company attached. The report on the receipt described an HVAC system that has multiple issues and was shut down by the tech until the system is replaced.Before I read the whole email , I received a c...
I am in the process of selling a property and have noticed that a lot of realtors stopped using my home inspection services during the time I have had it listed. Sad, but I can not use all 600+ realtors that I know and work with. The one I am using isn't that good but doesn't judge . A lot of the...
Exerp from an upcoming article from an interview I did.. Real estate agents and brokers will try just about anything to gain a competitive edge in the industry. With a constant stream of modern technology hitting the market, agents and others in the real estate field are finding new and innovativ...
I Inspected a home last week that touted a new roof, as many do. Good selling point ,but make sure it was installed properly. This is what I found below that new roof.  Thats right, they moved the vent pipe off of the water heater. The unit was in a closet near the bedroom in a manufactured home....
We've got your home under contract to sell and the buyer's inspector comes through.  Then the inevitable happens: the buyer's agent sends over a list of repair requests.  Seriously, you didn't expect the home inspector to not find anything at all did you?? Now if we're fortunate, you've kept you...

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