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STOP!  IF YOU HAVE NOT READ "THE 4-D'S IN REAL ESTATE" BY CARLS MUSS-JACOBS.  A BRIEF REMINDER OF OUR FIDUCIARY RESPOBSIBILITY.Well worth your time, consideration and passing on to others.You can thank her at  Check it out.  The 4-...
THE GIFT I ALWAYS HATED AND NEVER UNDERSTOOD:CHRISTMAS 2015 is now passed, and already, there are gifts we may not remember the giver, and it is likely that results from the ABUNDANCE WE RECEIVE.  How blessed we are.  One of the gifts I have long enjoyed is a family that gave gifts greater than t...
Robert's Roost Personalized: A Family Home Remains in the FamilyRobert's Roost Personalized: A Family Home Remains in the Family Recently, I commented on an excellent blog entitled: “LOVE LETTER TO A SPECIAL HOME”   by Margaret Rome, May I encourage all to read Margaret’s post. http://activerain....
Why Is the Appraiser My Friend?As a REALTOR®, and a former Mortgage Loan Officer, I have worked with many Real Estate Appraisers, some better than others. I have worked with many Home Inspectors, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Government Officials, Underwriters and Loan Processors; and several things...
AVOID INTERNET SCAMS IN LESS TIME THAN IT TAKES TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK   How Do You Avoid Internet Scams In Less Time Than It Takes To Get Your Money Back?   Earlier this evening I read a post by Joan Cox entitled Be Careful of this Scam -- USPS - Change of Address at
RIGHT-OF-WAYS AND PRIVATE ROAD MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS   Home owners, planning to sell their homes often get busy with deferred maintenance around the house: repairing a leaky faucet, replacing broken doors & hardware, patching holes in the drywall, fixing drawers in the kitchen or bathroom cabin...
BUYERS BEWARE OF CREDIT CLINICS   Buyers Beware of Credit Clinics   THINKING OF BUYING A HOME? Planning to get a mortgage loan?  Do you plan on using a FHA, USDA, or VA financing program?  Thinking of securing a Conventional loan through a Bank or Credit Union?  Then please take note: FRAUD IS A ...
Almost everyone has a mortgage misconception in their mind--far more than one would imagine.  Here are five common misconceptions well articulated by John Meussner that may resolve the one you have.   I would offer a common misconception in addition to John's list.  Many mortgage shoppers mistake...
EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS CONCISE AND VITAL ADVICE TO HOMEBUYERS.  Twenty-five years experience leads me to this conclusion. CUT WASTE, and there is so much waste that can be cut. HIT GOALS, and that necesitates setting, writing, and focusing on them.  You must have a target to hit; but        ...
A WELL ROUNDED REALTOR®   A WELL ROUNDED REALTOR®   In an assessment of all that is involved in being successful, I began thinking about what makes one  A WELL ROUNDED REALTOR®.  There is so much more than having a real estate license, knowing how to interact with others, and wanting to make mone...

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