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New Orleans, Northshore, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Experienced Brokers and Agents who help both Buyers and Sellers put the Real Estate puzzle together. Search the MLS for homes in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Spanish-speaking clients are not a problem. Great Louisiana Homes. Call me @ 504.319.9696.
Over the past few decades of selling real estate, people often ask questions I can't answer, either because of laws preventing disclosure, or because so many of the questions are subjective and change from person to person or situation to situation. Here are some common questions your Realtor ca...
Establishing Credit for Immigrants          When someone is new to the country, many times they are seeking their own personal American dream. This may include a lot of things, but often times, it involves home ownership.  Immigrants legally living and working in the US can obtain financing thro...
It is not uncommon for parents to co-sign for their children for such things as: Car loans Cell phones Student Loans To just name a few.  But parents need to realize when they do this it may not only impact their Credit Scores, but their Debt-To-Income (DTI) Ratios as well.  Co-Signing for someo...
Realtors read your Sales Contracts on HUD owned properties very carefully.  Loan Originator's contact your Attorneys and Escrow/Settlement Officers about possible extra fees to your Buyers, because HUD Is Passing Their Closing Costs On To Buyers!!!  Just when you think government could not get s...
Dealing with a knowledgeable Realtor can be the difference when purchasing a new Metairie Home. If you have any question on using Life Insurance or other forms of saving for your new purchase call or text.  Can Life Insurance Be A Source Of Down payment Funds?  I grew up in a time much different ...
We are the ActiveRain Family and We are StrongBeing a part of the ActiveRain Community means you agree to do your part and play by the rules. This is like one big family and for the most part a happy clan that likes being together. We are a strong voice on the subject of real estate and impact t...
Buyer Real Estate Terminology   Real Estate Terms for Buyers Let's face it, the language real estate professionals take for granted can be completely overwhelming for consumers. Buyers in particular often have a difficult time with the lingo industry pros use, especially first-time buyers.  Whil...
  Every month there are numerous real estate posts that are published all over the Internet that are missed by many people who really should see them. Many of the members here rarely venture out of their comfort zone of Active Rain. For this reason I am bringing some of the best real estate cont...
Active Rain is more than just a Social Media site for Real Estate. We share and learn about All things Real Estate. It is as Evelyn states - more like a family.  Somewhere in the Real Estate World, Someone said that Real Estate is a cutthroat business, For Sale By Owners eat their Young and under...
  By John Egan   It’s impossible not to judge a house by its exterior. Jerry Grodesky ought to know. He’s a 24-year veteran in the residential real estate industry as well as a photographer, so he’s got the know-how and the eye when it comes to a home’s outward appearance.   “Many buyers like to...

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Frank Rubi Real Estate. Helping You Put the Real Estate Puzzle together - assisting families Purchase and Sell Real Estate in The Greater New Orleans Area.

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  • Real Estate Information for Kenner, Metairie, Laplace, and Destrehan LA. This Homes for Sale Blog by Frank Rubi will assist Seller and Buyer alike. Have a comment please post or emailto: frankrubi@gmail.com. Enjoy.