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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC - La Broker 09995688826
New Orleans, Northshore, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Experienced Brokers and Agents who help both Buyers and Sellers put the Real Estate puzzle together. Search the MLS for homes in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Spanish-speaking clients are not a problem. Great Louisiana Homes. Call me @ 504.319.9696.
Thanks Bob.  (This is a repost of a blog I wrote back in 2014. But it still makes good sense) Are You Doing It Wrong? Have you ever wondered how some ActiveRain writers get their blog posts to look so presentable? If you think about your blog as an extension of your business, then it makes A LOT ...
Join Our Mailing List Realtors have more control over how the Appraisal goes than they may think. If you follow these Top 10 "Rules of Engagement" with Appraisers you will be doing your Sellers a huge favor. Time upfront can reduce the time you may spend on the back end trying to deal with an ap...
  Why Should You Trust Your Agent's Recommendation For A Lender   Simply put, because we do this all day, every day and we know what we're talking about. Ok...that sounded strong. But it's true. We work with lenders all the time and when we find a lender that does a good job working with us and ...
This month Patricia Kennedy is hosting the "October Challenge:  Your Best Advice for Real Estate Newbies", in which she challenges us "Oldies" to think back on our own career, and write a post about the very best advice we got that could help a rookie become a rock star.  I have had careers in t...
The world of real estate has settled into the 21st Century. There no excuse for your real estate agent to be unfamiliar with how to conduct business on the internet, and especially as a seller you will be at a distinct disadvantage if they are  not. The main focus of this post is the Internet Da...
 What do Realtors do for their clients and how can Brivity help agents update their clients? I came across this Active Rain article entitled: "I've NEVER heard a buyer or seller say their agent contacted them TOO MUCH!" Wow, that's such a profound statement! One of the biggest complaints from bu...
I Got My Flu Shot ... How about You? Yesterday I took the time to get my Flu Shot at Costco in Katy. It took about 90 minutes as they had to check insurance first and then pharmacists actually gives the shot to everyone. The Pharmacy at Costco is always a busy place especially on Saturdays. The ...
I thought I would try Twitters new live video platform Periscope.   I THOUGHT I was doing a 10 minute video tour of a new listing. But when I was switching the camera from rear facing to front facing I actually turned it OFF! I left the house before checking the "Scope" as they are called.   Whe...
Here is a Facebook tip..... Apps Away- Have Some Facebook Fun!   You no doubt have heard of this new fun Facebook feature, however if not, time to have some fun with your photos. Let’s face it, Facebook is about photos...it’s about sharing your life with others.  And sometimes we want to enhance ...
Are You Enjoying What You Do? “Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should, they never get around to do what they want to do.” Kathleen Winsor, American Author   As I see it . . . . . . . Are you enjoying what you do?   You can go through life d...

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Frank Rubi Real Estate. Helping You Put the Real Estate Puzzle together - assisting families Purchase and Sell Real Estate in The Greater New Orleans Area.

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  • Real Estate Information for Kenner, Metairie, Laplace, and Destrehan LA. This Homes for Sale Blog by Frank Rubi will assist Seller and Buyer alike. Have a comment please post or emailto: frankrubi@gmail.com. Enjoy.