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I was honored to find that one of my books was featured at the top of a recent article on Motley Fool: “The Top 10 Real Estate Finance Books Every Investor Should Read.”  The book, “What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow,” was originally published in 2004, is now in its thi...
Over the past few months I've had the privilege of being a guest on several excellent podcasts for real estate investors.Most recent was an invitation to be a return guest on Keith Weinhold's popular podcast. Our topic: "The Real Estate Numbers That Matter." I hope they matter to you, too! https:...
Enjoyed the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with Bill Weidner about my approach to evaluating real estate investments, and in particular about some key metrics every investor needs to understand. Thanks, Bill!
I recently had the privilege of recording a wide-ranging podcast with Bill Manassero, founder of the "Old Dawg REI Network."Bill broadcasts a weekly podcast where his listeners "...learn not only the real world knowledge and skills you need today, but also the mindset necessary to sharpen your re...
Professional education is a great thing. And being able to broadcast news of your success makes it even more valuable.That’s why I’m now providing a digital Certificate of Achievement to students who successfully complete my comprehensive online video course "Introduction to Real Estate Investmen...
I've seen a great deal of interest in the real estate investment case studies that are part of my investment analysis course— so I've spun those cases off as a new mini course, one where you can learn by example.The cases are similar to the ones I use in my class in the Columbia grad school, and ...
Investing in income-producing real estate?Here are five key metrics you need to understand.
I’m pleased to release a sample lesson from my online video course, “Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis.” This comprehensive course delivers more than 40 lessons and case studies based on my writings and on my teaching at the Columbia University grad school.From due diligence to dis...
Have a little fun with our whiteboard video. Frank Gallinelli 
​Just starting out in real estate investing? Yep, we've all been there. And while most of my writing is all about hard-core financial analysis of income properties, I thought it would be good to offer a brief ebook discussing some first steps. So here it is: ​5 Keys Steps to Get You Started in Re...

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