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Google alerts did not alert me to the fact that I posted about myself on a blog. Now maybe Google is so smart that it knew it was me who did the posting and figured I already knew about it and saved itself the effort. Or maybe there's a lag time and I'll get it tomorrow, but that seems like bad d...
I have signed up for Google Alerts, where it scours the internet daily for my name and alerts me when it finds it. The hope is to catch any unauthorized usages of my work on the internet--which has happened by the way--and give me the chance to fix it. I've been using it for three weeks and so fa...
It's simple, really, Elves. An agent has to go to hours and hours of classes and then pass two tests to obtain a real estate license. Once he receives his license, he is wisked away to a private ceremony in a remote location (probably near Coshocton) for a ceremony and for the Assigning of the El...
This will not be a piece about Creedence Clearwater Revival. Unless you want it to be, in which case skip down to the end. No, this is about umbrellas. Realtors want to be prepared and helpful, mainly because being prepared and helpful often leads to getting paid. Make no mistake, many of us are ...
I've got this MagLight in my car--you know, one of those black metal heavy flashlights that can fell a deer with one swing--but I am always forgetting to buy batteries. So we go into a foreclosed house, where there is no electricity and waning daylight, and I pull out the MagLight and click it on...

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