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Agents, I need your help! Please complete the short Realtor survey designed by the University of Washington Foster School of Business and receive a 10% discount at nextstagefurniture.com that will help you sell your homes faster. http://washington.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_bxOqchifyRdHp1G&SVID=Prod...
CALLING ALL STAGERS! Receive a 10% discount off your NextStage Furniture order by completing the University of Washington Foster School of Business Stagers Survey. Click on the link below to take the survey. http://washington.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_cSIL2E5bvNPqibO&SVID=Prod Thank you for your time!
The Ultimate Portable, Storable, and Durable Staging Furniture NextStage Furniture is the solution to a stager's biggest dilemma: you've invested in furniture to grow your business not knowing the market would turn. Now suddenly homes are being destaged without the prospect of new homes to move i...
Change is Good Change is Good, especially when it comes to your Staging Furniture. How many of you have grown tired of your staging inventory? Not only is NextStage Furniture versatile when it comes to creating the size you need, but we now offer custom slipcovers to help create the look you need...
Staging Mannequins As we head toward the holiday season, I can't help but point out the similarity between NextStage Furniture and the mannequins used in window displays at department stores. The store windows set scenes, enticing potential buyers with a combination of fantasy holiday displays an...
Cardboard Furniture VS Traditional Furniture for Staging Top 5 Reasons to use Cardboard Furniture from NextStage Furniture (www.nextstagefurniture.com) in your stagings: 1. It's easy to set up. 1 person can set up a couch in about the same amount of time it takes 2 people to move a couch into a h...
Cardboard Staging Furniture It sounds too good to be true, Cardboard Staging Furniture, but when you think of the pitfalls of staging it totally makes sense. One of the issues with staging is that it's expensive to buy or rent furniture. If you are an agent, your budget doesn't always allow for s...
A new way to stage your listings! NextStage Furniture is an innovative new product designed specifically for Staging homes. It's lightweight, durable and easy to transport. It's made of recycled corrugated cardboard so it's the green way to stage. We know exactly what you are thinking, "What happ...

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