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Yesterday, I described a problem that a lot of home stagers and other businesses have. When your web site starts out with a splash page, and/or your site uses a lot of flash coding you can become invisible to the little bots Google and others send around the internet to index sites. And that mean...
For some time now, I have been imploring home stagers and other small business people to make changes to the meta tags on their web pages. Many have and have had good results. Other less so. And I have been troubled as to why. There are two major categories of things you can do to improve you sea...
Many small businesses and even beginning internet marketers rely on someone else to handle all aspects of their web pages. While it's good to delegate, it is also good to understand how the basics of your web site work. Then you can make quick changes when necessary and have a better understandin...
In my last post of Active Rain and in several other posts, I have advocated that Home Stagers expand their use of article marketing. In the process I have twice suggested that you consider buying an eBook from a mentor of mine, Doug Champigny. Doug is an accomplished internet marketer, author an...
Home stagers interested in attracting more clients and building their web presence are wise to post on Active Rain. They get a couple of benefits. First Active Rain is a relatively high ranking site in terms of Google Page Rank and backlinks from Active Rain to your website carry greater weight. ...

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