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If you use pay for search advertising to drive prospects to your web page you may want to familiarize yourself with a new tool Google introduced this past week. Called Google Insights, it attempts to give users insights into the relative value of various keywords. In the process, it allows you to...
Last Thursday I presented a teleseminar on the topic, "How to get more people who visit your web site to do something."  This was a topic many people in the my recent home staging seminar indicated they could use some information on. A replay of the seminar is available for the next few days (Unt...
As a follow-up to the recent survey of homestagers I completed, I will present tonight at 9PM Eastern time a teleseminar/webcast on the topic, How can I get more people who visit my web page to do actually do something? This was listed as being a topic that many people indicated they had difficul...
If you manage your own web sites and/or contemplate doing so in the future, you may be interested in a free report by Bob the Teacher.  I've made a special arrangement with Bob to provide this report on the web site of my upcoming teleseminar.  Bob is a former High School History Teacher who now ...

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