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During my recent survey of Home Stagers, I asked respondents to indicate how difficult it was to get information on 23 different topics. They could respond: Very Easy Somewhat Easy Not Easy at All One of the 23 topics most frequently sited as "Not Easy at All," was "How to get people who visited ...
In our survey of 186 home staging businesses, Home Stagers were asked their opinion as to whether Staging tended to benefit clients most in terms of having a faster sale, or a higher price.Respondents were not allowed to say both.They were also asked the same question for three different time fra...
During my survey of home stagers, one of the questions I asked was what was the repondents biggest personal hurdle when it came to marketing. That question generated a variety of interesting answers. Among the most frequent was Time, or lack thereof. We all have the same amount of time each day, ...
Over half of the 123 Home Staging Professionals who answered my survey question on the "Climate of Competition" in their markets rated it as "Mild, we are all friends." Only one rated it as "Hostile, we are fighting for every advantage"That said, those with 2-4 years experience were the least lik...
In my recently completed survey of home stagers, I askedĀ  a series of questions in which I asked respondents to indicate How Difficult it was to find useful information on... I provided a laundry list of 23 different topics. Possible answers were, Very Easy; Somewhat Easy; and Not Easy at All. On...
This is my first blog post on active rain. I have just published a survey of home stagers. I will be making comments on some key findings from the survey over the coming weeks. My first comment is below. For the past ten weeks, I have been engaged in an extensive survey of home stagers across the...

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